RSS Feeds pt. 1


RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and is a way to subscribe to a website, such as a blog, so you are alerted when content is updated. RSS subscriptions mean you don’t have to keep visiting websites, new posts and articles are sent to you to a service you choose.

RSS feeds can be updated by sending you an email or you can make a free account with a variety of ‘feed readers’ that gather and manage your feeds. Adding blogs to follow is simple, and in most readers, you can organise your feeds into categories, create favourite lists and share content via email or social media.

This month Google Reader shut down and many other players are stepping into the void. This series of posts covers a good range of feed reader options or this comprehensive list of feed reading services.

Add a comment, tweet or post to Yammer using the #coblspd hash tag and share your favourite feed reading platform.


2 thoughts on “RSS Feeds pt. 1

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