Three blogs to follow

Library as incubator

Library as incubator project Promotes and facilitates creative collaboration between libraries and artists of all types, and to advocate for libraries as incubators of the arts. @IArtLibraries

Inspiring posts, essays, collections and projects around libraries and the arts. Library as incubator project has outstanding content with regular updates across a wide spectrum of topics.

SallyFinding Heroes: Librarians who dare to do different Public library oriented blog from NZ. A collection of regular posts linking to the top headlines from across libraries. @sallyheroes

Regular posts that list top library reading for the week from a rich mix of source. Sally Pewhairangi curates the best sources in one easy place and Finding Heroes can be found via Blo app for iOs and Android.

M Stevens

Tame the web Dr. Michael Stephens focuses on  emerging technologies in libraries and technology learning programs.  He writes “Office Hours” in Library Journal on issues, ideas and emerging trends in library and information science education. @mstevens7

A good overview of current library technology and trends. Informative posts with a many across many platforms. Dr. Stephens is a key figure in 21st century library discourse.


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