Free online courses, ebooks, movies and more!

open culture







I have followed Open Culture on Twitter for a while now and usually just look at their feature posts such as the current one about Balzac’s inspirational coffee pot and other literary coolness.

However, there are many other things to get excited about on this site!

  • Free online courses from astronomy to political science, millions of university MOOCs (many certified), lectures and podcasts.
  • Famous readings on here include T.S. Eliot reading The Waste Land, Tolkien and The Hobbit, James Joyce and Ulysess, and loads more famous authors and works.  .
  • Even more exciting are free ebooks, eaudio,  free streaming movies such as oscar winners, classics and a Hitchcock collection.
  • AND free language learning courses, K-12 learning resources, business resources… the list goes on!!

All this great stuff as well as regular interesting posts about literature and culture easily accessible via RSS or Twitter, what’s not to love?


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