VALA 2014 papers and videos are now freely available

The VALA 2014 conference presentations are now available freely online!

Head over to the VALA conference proceedings to read the papers and see the presentations. You will have to register to see the video, but this is free.

Some suggested talks you may be interested in are:

Marking up NSW: Wikipedia, newspapers and the State Library

Transforming yourself for the future library

The first accessible catalogue for the print-disabled community in Australia

Journey into the user experience: creating a library website that’s not for librarians

A new kind of citizens’ library through the Singapore Memory Project (Gene Tan keynote)

The book of the world: crossing boundaries in culture and outreach (Matt Finch keynote)

Bringing maker culture to cultural organisations (Mia Ridge keynote)

Linked Data: thinking big, starting small

Relying on customary practice when the law says ‘No’ (copyright law paper)

I read this thing…: bringing professional development into the social media age (paper by Hugh, Holley and Hannah about the thing you’re participating in right now)

Engaging exclusion: what’s next for Australia’s digital future

‘I need more hands-on training!’: reflections on creating self-directed learning opportunities for library staff

Library as future (Joe Murphy keynote)

If you’re particularly interested in one of these or any of the other papers, I highly recommend that you download and read the paper as well as just watching the presentation – often there is more detail in the paper than can be expressed in a talk. I hope this might also inspire some of you to write a paper and present at a future conference. Submissions are still open for ALIA Online 2015, and more Calls for Papers for other conferences are sure to appear soon.



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