Reader’s advisory in a connected, digital world

Great post from Ros!


After long deliberation about researching, writing and delivering this blog post I have decided that this is the place for me to think out-loud, online. That means that some of these ideas are very seed-like and this is an place for them to grow.

This first post is about modern reader’s advisory. These are just some initial thoughts and this will be a topic that I revisit.  It appears that libraries are doing less traditional readers’ advisory (RA) in today’s world. Factors such as digital connectivity through social media, unease in the risk adverse publishing world, the rise of self-publishing and ebooks, reformulation of the library’ role in society and monopoly-like domination of book markets by businesses such as Amazon are definitely impacting on us.  But sometimes it’s hard to see what the impact is and how to formulate a response.

RA is still happening but from my observations we…

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