The age of YA infographic

I came across this on Twitter, it has two of my favourite elements, history and infographics! From the YA book blog, Epic Reads, this is a snap shot of historical YA fiction where books are situated in the timeline of history.

The books begin in the Iron Age with 600bc to 1bc with books about Cleopatra, travelling through such significant events as the Norse settlement of Iceland, the emergence of Genghis Khan, the black death and the machine age. At the modern end, we have major historical events for YA readers such as the first Nintendo and the release of Nevermind by Nirvana… over 20 years ago, yep, feeling old.

The full version is available to download via Scribd and measures over 8ft! Check out this and loads of other cool YA content at both Epic Reads and Scribd.

YA timeline

Post by Holley


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